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You arrive at a conference, check in at registration, enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin as you stroll around the trade show and network with fellow colleagues before heading into the opening plenary.  These next 48 hours are filled with meetings, meals, workshops and socializing.  It only took you a few minutes to register online and book your accommodation plus travel time to the conference.

To make your next 2 days run seamless the conference planner has been working on this event for at least 365 days.

Here are some of the steps taken to ensure your 48 hours are well used:

  • One year out or more out:
    • location of the conference is sited and negotiated
    • Hotel room block is contracted with accommodation providers
    • Sponsorship campaign is underway to help offset the conference registration fee
    • Conference caterer, audio visual and trade show companies are contracted
    • Securing keynote speakers
  • 6 months out:
    • Registration website is launched
    • Sponsorship contracts are finalised
    • Conference promotions kick off highlighting keynote speakers
  • 3 months out:
    • Finalise setup and audio visual details with venue
    • Finalise menu selection with caterer
    • Book entertainment for receptions
    • Secure volunteers for various tasks during conference
    • Review room blocks at conference hotels
    • Prepare conference program for printers
  • 1 month out:
    • Prepare conference name badges
    • Order conference signage
    • Review banquet event orders with venue
    • Send out trade show map and move in details to exhibitors
  • 2 weeks out:
    • Provide guarantee numbers to caterers
    • Sign off on audio visual orders
    • Prepare cheque requisitions for cheques needed during conference for speakers, suppliers etc.
    • Organize speaker gifts with hotel
    • Ensure all sponsors and their staff have been registered
  • Week of the conference:
    • Manage all aspects so attendees have a great experience

We have never managed an event or conference that something happens that was not planned for. That is why we always have a backup plan ready!  Experience has taught us how to think on our feet and ensure that the client and attendees have no idea when one of the many balls we have in the air drops.  As they say…remain calm & carry on!



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